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The Academy Curriculum


At St. Peter's we follow the programmes of study from the National Curriculum.


Our curriculum includes all the activities and experiences that take place within the school both formally and informally.  It includes the organisation and methods of learning used by teachers and teaching assistants as well as the forms of knowledge, skills, and concepts that are learned and taught.  The curriculum also includes the development of positive values and attitudes which contribute to our distinctly Christian ethos.


The curriculum is broad and balanced to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, emotional and physical development of all pupils whilst preparing them for adult life and society.  Under the 1988 Education Act parents have access to certain documents and policies relating to the curriculum.  If you require more information you are welcome to ask the Academy Office directly.


Our phonics programme is currently Read, Write Inc. and all pupils from Reception onwards are taught using this scheme.  Once pupils have completed the programme of work they follow literacy for their year group as indicated in the curriculum newsletters.



Please find here the curriculum newsletters for this term. Click on the required year group to open.





Reception Newsletter


Year 1 Newsletter


Year 1 Curriculum Map


Year 2 Newsletter


Year 2 Curriculum Map


Year 3 Newsletter


Year 4 Newsletter


Year 5 Newsletter


Year 5 Curriculum Map


Year 6 Newsletter


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